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Sunday, November 13, 2011

WIP Beast Dog

Made with a dynamesh in Zbrush. I thought I'd show the progress as I'm having fun with this one, However I made several mistakes also. The first was I started with a Dynamesh sphere of 128, it is a little too hi, I think a 32 or 64 would have been better. The second was as I was pushing and pulling and control dragging to reapply the dynamesh as I was going and somehow I got out of it and if I reapply it, it is too fine, basically the
front paws do not have enough polys too form them the way I want.And Third I got too excited to do the head I did not focus all around the sculpt as I went thus the back legs have not progressed.
Learning lots though. I am primarily using the Move Topical Brush

1 comment:

Jamo said...

Dang this would be a fun beast to animate!